The planetary gearbox is designed with the help of the most advanced technology, taking advantage of the experience gained in all the most demanding applications. A complete set of gearbox is applicable to various products in the industrial field.
Planetary gearboxes are used in almost all applications that require high torque, peak load capacity, high transmission ratio, high efficiency and life, small size and weight.

The 300L series in-line planetary gear reducer is the best gearbox solution for all applications requiring high torque and minimum size, such as fixed industrial equipment and heavy self-propelled machines. This planetary gear transmission solution is substantially improved in terms of space occupation and weight compared with ordinary gear boxes. The gearbox has high performance, low cost, compact size, excellent reliability, simple installation and reduced maintenance. The 300L series planetary gearbox is available in a variety of sizes to ensure optimal duration and quiet operation in a variety of applications.
The 300L series also provides a high-power version, linking the performance of our planetary technology with the high quality and reliability of the gearbox: compared with traditional gear units, this solution is more efficient, quieter, more compact, and more cost-effective.

Feature of in-line planetary gearbox

Torque range 1000-450.000 Nm
Transferable mechanical power up to 540 kW
Transmission ratio 3.4-9.000
Gear unit version consistent
Output configuration 1) Base and flange installation
2) Output shaft: solid with key, spline, spline hollow
3) Hollow with shrink disc
6. Input configuration:
1) Flange axial piston hydraulic motor
2) Hydraulic rail motor
3) IEC and Nema motor adapters
4) Solid input shaft
Hydraulic brake hydraulically released parking brake
Electric brake DC and AC

The 300 Series is an outstanding solution for all heavy duty applications where compactness is not an option. Due to its modular design, the 300 series can be customized to adapt to an extremely wide range of applications. Our expertise in planetary technology ensures high-quality product design and manufacturing processes. The 300 Series does not experience unnecessary downtime even in the harshest environments. The planetary gearbox offers top flexibility with multiple outputs and input configurations for all 20 sizes.

The size that we can replacement of Bonfiglioli 300 series:

Bonfiglioli 300, 301, 303, 304, 305, 306, 307, 309, 310, 311, 313, 314, 315, 316, 317, 318, 319, 321

Installation of Inline 300 Series Planetary Gearbox

Observing some rules for correct installation is essential for reliable and correct operation of the gearbox. The rules listed here are intended as a preliminary guide to the selection of gearboxes. For effective and correct installation, please follow the instructions in the installation, use and maintenance manual provided by our sales network. The following is a brief overview of the installation rules

a) Fastening:
Place the gearbox on a surface that is sufficiently rigid. The mating surface shall be machined flat This is particularly suitable for flange mounted gearboxes with splined hollow output shafts, and flange mounting is recommended for some gearboxes.

Make sure the gearbox is suitable for the required installation position. Use the specified bolts and tighten them to the rating specified in the relevant chart

b) Connecting:

When installing the transmission element on the gearbox, do not use a hammer or similar tools to knock. To slide these parts in, use the service screws and taps provided at the end of the shaft. Before installing any parts, be sure to remove any grease or rust inhibitor from the shaft. Before wiring the motor, pay attention to the layout of the input/output shaft, as shown in the figure below

c) Paint coating

shall be compatible with the gearbox primer. Before painting, stick the sealing ring installed on the shaft with adhesive tape. Contact with solvent may damage the seal ring, resulting in oil leakage

d) Lubrication

Before commissioning, fill the gearbox with the recommended type and quantity of oil. The oil level shall be checked by means of a suitable plug or sight glass, each gearbox fitted and positioned according to the originally specified installation position